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What is "ProxyLite" ?

ProxyLite is a unique application that monetizes your unused Internet traffic by helping various companies participate in various surveys.

And how much can you earn?

Earnings depend on many parameters: your location, the provider, the needs of our partners and directly from you.

Absolutely passive

While you are working or minding your own business, a real miracle happens - “ProxyLite” earns real money for you, which can be withdrawn immediately
You can withdraw funds to the most popular payment systems automatically, within a couple of minutes without restrictions.
VISA / MasterCard
Only trusted partners work with us, you can be sure that attackers will not use your traffic
For all
Our application works and is available worldwide
Not resource intensive
Due to the fact that “ProxyLite” is perfectly optimized for any device, you will not feel a decrease in system performance
For more effective earnings, recommend our application to other people and get 15% of their earnings
You can get your referral code or link in the application after registration
In addition to the basic payment from our partners, earnings can be increased many times - free (for you) and paid ways to do this are available
Additional devices
Connect additional devices to our system - computers and mobile phones based on Android. The most important thing is that the IP address is different at the output. For example - on the computer, use the Internet from the provider, and on the device - mobile.
Referral system
The referral system is an integral part of any service, we are no exception :) Therefore, we thank such users very generously - when you invite a new person, you receive 15% of his earnings for life. However, this rate is the minimum and can be increased.

Paid services

No ability or desire to connect additional devices or invite people? No problem! Our service offers the purchase of multipliers or active referrals. Please note that it is not necessary to use paid services.
We are very glad that you are interested in the application.
Download, install and start earning is very easy!