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Console Application (Windows)
A special version of the “ProxyLite” application for automation of installations on your workstations

To install “ProxyLite”, the following are provided: “keys” (parameters) for installation

Application installation example

ProxyLite.Windows.Console.exe /userid 200149 /unattended

The application will install without user activity (/unattended) for account number (ID) 200149 (/userid 200149)

Keys to perform installation (deployment)

Link account number for installation
Installation without user interaction
Reinstall service/process
Do not add service/process to startup (default - Yes)

Service/Process Control Keys

Start a service (process)
Stop a service (process)
Reassign an account number (ID) for an app
Reinstall service/process

When working with a console application, important nuances should be taken into account:

The application is provided in English.

If the account binding key is not passed (/userid), the application will console version, will request an account number.

When using the /unattended key, linking the account number required (/userid), otherwise the application will exit.

If the application is running as an administrator, then the main process (ProxyService.exe) is installed as a Windows service. If not, then it starts as a normal process.

The account number can be found in your personal account, or in the “header” of the site, after authorization.

Download for Windows*

(Console installer)

*The application (Windows) requires an installed
.NET Framework >= 4.5 ( download ). But as a rule, in modern
systems, it is already installed.