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Buying a multiplier
If you have a desire, an opportunity to support the project, then most increase your income - this is the solution for you!

The multiplier is the value by which the entire income of the domestic "K" currency.

Paid services, including the purchase of a multiplier. is optional, but purchased on a voluntary basis basis.
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Reducing the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds

A large number of payment systems for withdrawal and payment

The multiplier is issued forever

Specify the desired multiplier by moving the slider with the multiplier or order amount, or specify one of the values specifically. It is also possible to choose a predefined value

The multiplier can be purchased in the future. But we recommend, if possible, to acquire the largest multiplier at a time. For this, an additional gift is issued and it is more profitable than constantly acquiring an additional multiplier.

Preliminary amount of this order: 100 $