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Application for macOS
A special version of the "ProxyLite" application for devices running macOS X.

The application requires .NET Core, version 3.1, to be installed. This product is available for all operating systems.

Execute the installation BASH script

Installing .NET Core on your OS is quite simple, you will need to download the .pkg package, run and install.

Download .NET Core 3.1

2. Download / install "ProxyLite"

After installing .NET Core, download "ProxyLite". "ProxyLite" is provided as a zip archive which should be unpacked.

Open Launchpad , find the Terminal application, launch it and execute the following installation script

mkdir ~/ProxyLite-Installer
cd ~/ProxyLite-Installer
curl -k --output
unzip -o ""
dotnet ProxyLite.MacOS.dll

Dont forget to press Enter at the end

The installer will start and ask you to enter your account number (ID) .
You can find it in your personal account.

Enter your ID in numbers as in the example (200149). Only, you should specify your . And press the Enter key
Next, the application will directly load the main service and run it.

3. Checking the operation of the service

Enter the following command in the console application

launchtl list | grep 'ru.proxylite.proxyservice'

The process ID should appear on the left (17440) . If there is no dash, - ProxyLite is running, and earnings are coming.

17440 0 ru.proxylite.proxyservice

Application separately (in the form of a .zip archive)

Download for macOS

(Installer on .NET Core 3.1)